For more than a year, Hideto Chujo, a member of our board of directors, conducted caravans around Ukraine visiting evacuation centers throughout the country, and the number of such caravans exceeded 100. However, as of September 2023, the war is still raging, especially in eastern Ukraine, and many children are still displaced. Although the shelters have a minimum of daily necessities and education is provided mainly online, the children are not well cared for and the smiles have not returned to the faces of the children who have been displaced from their hometown.

Therefore, from September to July 2023, we will organize the Usmyshka Caravan to visit evacuation centers mainly in Dnipro, Bakhmut and eastern Ukraine, where missiles are still being fired and other warfare is still ongoing.

The funds for the Usmyshka Caravan will be used for the following purposes
– Gifts for children (toothbrushes, chopsticks, toys, stuffed animals, various goods, etc.)
– Power sources such as solar panels and batteries
– Event supplies (projectors, PCs, tablets, peripherals, toys, event goods, etc.)
– Event expenses (location fees, entrance fees, etc.)
– Food, food and beverages
– Medical supplies and equipment
– Transportation and fuel costs

This support will be delivered by Hideto Chujo directly to the children in Ukraine. We will disclose all the details of how the support money will be used at a later date to ensure that the children are notified that the money has reached them.

PikaChujo’s Usmishka Caravan 4th

This support will be a donation to Usmishka Association, a non-profit general incorporated association in Japan.