In December-January 2022, PikaChujo will visit evacuation centers in Ukraine to bring smiles to children.

Did you know that there are two Christmases a year in Ukraine? Christmas in the Gregorian (new calendar) calendar (December 25) and the Julian calendar (January 7). This should be a joyful holiday season for children every year, but the war has made it difficult for children in evacuation centers to have a joyful Christmas. Therefore, PikaChujo has decided to visit evacuation centers in Ukraine to bring smiles to the children.

We plan to implement such activities as the following.

  • Christmas gift distribution
  • Health improvement projects such as teaching tooth brushing and calisthenics
  • Interaction with children through mitts, X-zero games, origami, etc.

The funds will be used for the following purposes

  • Gifts for children (toothbrushes, toys, stuffed animals, various goods, chopstics, etc.)
  • Power sources such as solar panels and batteries
  • Transportation and fuel costs

PikaChujo’s Santa Claus Caravan

This support will be a donation to Usmishka Association, a non-profit general incorporated association in Japan.